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65 Gallon Roll out Garbage Can

65 Gallon Roll out Garbage Can

Product No.00064908

65 Gallon Roll-out Cart *You can now purchase a 65 gallon roll-out cart from Prosource Ltd approved by Sanitation Service Authority (SSA). Your purchase includes assembly, delivery to your confirmed location anywhere on the island and all details will be recorded in the SSA collection database. See the below specifications for additional information: Capacity 65 Gallons Height/Depth 41.3” Front to back width 28.1” Side to side 26.7" Specifications: Durable attached lid * Compatible with ANSI certified Semi-Automated Lift Arm Lifters * Constructed from high -quality stabilised high density poly-ethylene HDPE Plastic for sturdiness * Large Wheels for maneuverability * Two times larger than conventional trash cans * Continuous one-piece handle provides strong gripping area designed to provide optimum control of a fully loaded cart * Three forms of identification; serial number, barcode, and RFID tag * Made with up to 40% recycling material without compromising strength. Additional benefits: Easier and safer for residents * No carrying/lifting heavy trash * Sturdy wheeled carts are easy to manoeuvre * Capacity of carts are equal to three – four regular trash cans * Carts keep rodents and pets out of waste given the secure lids * Cleaner, healthier neighbourhoods with no litter on streets after pick-up.

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